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Kelsey Barrett, MS, LPC

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Important Announcement to clients (9/26/23)

To in-person clients: 
Unfortunately, while I was out on maternity leave the building I was in sold, so I will be utilizing Vertical Counseling's space until I return to full capacity. 

The new address is:
1670 Keller Pkwy Suite 254
Keller, TX 76248

The new building is located in the Cambridge Woods building and is one right turn sooner than my previous office.

I am returning at a very reduced capacity starting this week 9/25/23. I will be available on Tuesdays 9-1 pm, Wednesday 10-12, and Saturdays 9-1 pm. I will also have a 5 pm - 6 pm slot on some Wednesdays and Thursday evenings. These appointments may also be reduced to telehealth only due to office sharing and childcare. 

Next semester I will reassess to see if I can open up more evening appointments. 

Thank you for understanding. This is a unique time in my practice, and is temporary. 


I’ve wanted to be a counselor nearly all of my life. The first time I remember pursuing it academically I was 14. Counseling has always been a calling for me. 

Because I was drawn to the profession so young, I started working towards it with volunteer work and academic experiences that shaped who I am as a counselor today. By the time I started my undergraduate work at Texas A&M University in psychology I had worked with people from birth to late adolescence in a variety of contexts and socioeconomic backgrounds including 2 years specifically in early childhood around preschool ages as a student teacher. 

This led me to an internship with adolescent moms in crisis, and gave me a passion for the family system that has only grown now that I am a parent and wife. At the same time, I developed a deeper understanding of the importance of trauma and began to research concepts like adoption, foster care, human development, the brain, and women’s issues. 

Even though I felt connected to counseling early, my journey has not always been a straight line. As long as I can remember I performed for the love in my life – through grades, in my family, at work, and even at helping others. I linked what I did for others as love. I worked to fit in while taking responsibility for those around me. In the process, I built a wall around my true self. It gave me something to blame, and a place to hide when I felt rejected. My distaste for vulnerability, boundaries, and my own emotions, made relationships slippery. I was surrounded by people, and lonely.

The process of unjunking my relationships took years, more relational damage, some severe anxiety, a couple of years in a corporate job, a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health at UNT, and Brene Brown’s work on shame to finally recognize how my tendency towards perfectionism and rescuing others was a way I kept people at arm’s length. I decided then to risk myself by being vulnerable with who I am and committing to do my own work to integrate all pieces of my journey – even my failures.  

By willingly going through my own process I have learned to be with people in their pain and in their struggle towards greater wellness.  We are all in process, and each of us needs extra support at different times in our lives. I deeply believe in the power of connection and empathy alongside honest self-reflection.

I hope to support you in your work towards your goals. I cannot do it for you, but I can be with you.  

I am equipped to see people throughout the lifespan including children (8 + right now due to my space), teens, and adults of all ages. I especially enjoy working with women, people struggling through anxiety, transitioning into or out of college, parents, faith issues, or those wanting to address past trauma or family roles.   




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